Para rowing single scull with aluminum or carbon wing rigger

Empacher boats for Pararowing

boat type form overall length width (waterline) weight of rowers
ASW 1x A7L 6,32 m 0,46 m 60 - 80 kg
ASW 1x A7H 6,32 m 0,46 m 80 - 100 kg



In dimension, form and equipment the shell meets the requirements of Fisa para rowing for the boat classes PR1 and PR2. The boat uses a wider, more stable boat form for the class PR2 and an additional pontoon for the class PR1.
The building is realized applying meticulous quality craftsmanship in analogy to our racing rowing boats.
We offer the shell in 2 heights.
A7L for 60 kg – 80 kg and A7H for 80 kg – 100 kg
Please indicate individual measurements and technical details by using our specification sheet.

Boat weight 18 – 24 kg depending on the respective version


Construction of the hull

The shell and decks are made by vacuum process in sandwich construction with high quality epoxy resin.
The outer layer of the shell and deck is made of carbon fiber, diagonally layered in the bow to give more torsional stiffness.
The inner layer consists of Kevlar fiber or alternatively of the pricier fine carbon fiber fabric. The sandwich core consists of a Nomex honeycomb.
Seat deck and bulkhead are made of carbon fiber sandwich with a foam core under high pressure and CNC milling.
The gunwale is provided with a multiple carbon fiber doubling and on the inside is reinforced with a carbon layer across the entire inner surface. The profile is a carbon angle edge.



For the boat class PR1 we do offer a fix seat with back and belts according to the guidelines.
The seat is adjustable in all directions and can be individually fitted.
The fix seat can be completely changed and adjusted according to the customer’s wishes.

For the boat class PR2 we offer a fix seat plate with seating profile and belts. The seat plate is completely adjustable can be completely changed and adjusted according to the customer’s wishes.
For the PR1 class we do offer 2 additional pontoons which are adjustable in height and which can be detached.

The footstretcher board is made of carbon-reinforced, water proof glued plywood which is adjustable in longitudinal direction, height and angle.
The footstretcher is either equipped with high-quality Empacher rowing shoes or may be mounted with heel-caps and straps.
All fittings are made of stainless steel or anodised aluminum.



Empacher A7
Empacher A7
Empacher A7 IV
Empacher A7 IV
Empacher A7 seat
Empacher A7 seat
Empacher A7 seat II
Empacher A7 seat II

Information on the rigger versions

R – aluminium wing rigger

The aluminum wing rigger is welded from a special high-strength aluminium profile. All riggers are standardly anodized to prevent any damage from seawater.
The rigger is adjustable in the boat longitudinal axis, height and spread, and is equipped with plastic insert oarlocks and adjustable backstays.

X – back carbon wing rigger

The carbon wingrigger is made of carbon prepreg under high pressure. Therefore,   minor weight tolerances, high stability at a small total weight are guaranteed. With immediate effect all carbon riggers are provided with an additional protection against ultraviolet radiation.
The spread can be chosen between 127 cm and 133 cm.

The rigger is adjustable in the boat’s longitudinal axis, height and spread and is equipped with plastic insert oarlocks.