X23, the new heavy men's pairs and double sculls

The X23 is the successor to the 32, which has been tried and tested for almost 20 years. The new pair combines the performance of the 32 as a men's pair of twins with the properties of the new 21 as a double scull. The new X23er is very pitch-stable and runs stably and without dipping through the catch reversal even with a high rower weight of over 100kg. Due to its narrow waterline, it is also very lively as a double scull and reacts to every acceleration. Its specially developed underwater shape still makes it very stable and safe. The calculated resistance values are a very clear step forward. Here the resistance values of the 32 and 22 and well-known competitors could be improved. The first test immediately showed its high potential. Thanks to its stability, even crews who were not very well matched to could take a big step forward in the new 23er.