New carbon fins "model 2024"

The new fin series combines the advantages of the existing standard aluminum fins with the very good competition properties of the previous carbon fins.

This means that the good stabilizing properties of the aluminum fin at slower training speeds and the extremely stabilizing properties at racing speeds of the previous carbon fin are to be brought together here.

To meet these requirements, the fins were completely redesigned. This was achieved with a new, better ratio of the area covered by the flow to the aspect ratios of the new series.

The new fins now have an extremely good stabilizing effect across all speed ranges.

The previous carbon fins were also very susceptible to damage from floating debris. The new fins now have less draft and more connecting surface to the boat. The angle of the leading edge was also chosen to be steeper so that it is more difficult for flotsam to get caught on the fin. Furthermore, a very slim profile was chosen compared to the previous carbon fins in order to reduce forehead resistance.

All of this together results in a new, high-performance fin concept for our boats.